Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bitter Sweet...

Hey everydoggy, It's Mack and Mia's mom here. Man, it's been a crappy week and unfortunately I have some very sad news...

Last Thursday, I took Captain Fluffy Pants in for his 12 week check-up appointment and he tested positive for Feline Leukemia. I had to decide whether to let him live with this cancer as it slowly attacked his immune system not knowing if he would live 2 months or maybe a year at best and also wrestle with the possibility if I kept him that he would most likely pass this onto Luna and Midnight, therefore, I had to make the decision to put Captain Fluffy Pants down...
And after only having him for 2 months, boy it felt like I had had him forever. There will never be another cat like him, I don't know any 2 lb kitten that would stand next to big ol' goofy Mack and not even be scared. He would greet us at the door with Mack and Mia too! He was a cat with a dog spirit and man-o-man will he be missed...

Needless to say, my boy didn't quite grasp what happened and kept asking if Captain Fluffy Pants would be better soon to come home. I did my best to explain the reality of death to a 5 year old in the most gentle way I could. He kept asking me if that meant he wouldn't have a kitten to try to help my boy not feel the pain of loss - maybe it was more from confusion and not understanding why Captain Fluffy Pants was sleeping with him the other night and now he would not ever again. I got my boy another kitten. Not to ever forget about our little striped cat dog, but to help Bryan's longing for his OWN pet, which Captain Fluffy Pants was...

So, the very next day when I took Luna and Midnight to get tested (Both are negative) and to my surprise the vets' cat actually had kittens and she had brought them in to try to find them homes. I felt like it was a sign. So, I made a hasty decision and decided to surprise my boy. I picked out the fluffiest, calmest, fattest kitten and now I would like to introduce you to Milo. He is 12 weeks old. Milo has some very little, but oh so BIG paws to fill...
My belly? What about MY belly? I think Mia and I are from the same litter...
FINE! It's true! I ate my food and I ate my brothers and sisters portions TOO! Don't JUDGE me!
Please admire my best evil eye look. It's just like Captain Fluffy Pants' evil look he did when he had to look at that big blonde doofus coming down the hall.



  1. Oh, we are so sorry about CFP. Such a shame at such a young age.

    Hang in there, Milo. You got a big job taking care of a 5 year old boy!

  2. We are sorry for your loss -

    What a true twist of fate - yes, quite meant to be -

    I'm sure CFP is taunting and being tauted by some Sibes akhross The Rainbow Bridge!

    Welkhome Milo!

  3. Welcome to the pack Milo! You sure do have a big role to fill and you will need to be patient with those labradorks. Our hearts go out to your family over the loss of the Captain.


  4. What a sad story, but one with a very nice ending.

  5. Oh, Christina. I'm so sorry to hear about Captain Fluffypants. I know it had to be SO hard to let the little one go and then have to explain it to Bryan. I'm so glad that your other two cats are okay and that CFP got to live for a short while with a wonderful, loving family.

    And Milo is adorable! I know he's going to bring a lot of joy to all your lives!

    Amber (and Mayzie, of course)

  6. Oh Christina, I am so sorry to read about CFP's passing. I can't imagine how difficult that was for all of you and how confusing it must be for Brian. Please know we're thinking of you. I hope you take comfort in knowing that CFP had the most loving family he could have wished for during his short time with us.

    I agree that Milo is adorable! I hope he brings you many smiles during this sad time.

    All the best,
    Zona and Jill (Zona's mom)

  7. We are so sorry to hear about Captain Fluffy Pants but we think you made the right decision for all concerned. It is just so hard sometimes.

    And now as the cycle of life continues, Milo has joined your family. He is just so cute, chubby tummy and all.

    We hope he remains healthy and is with you for a long long time.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I'm really sorry to hear about Captain Fluffy Pants, and am thinking of you and your family, (including your new addtion Milo who has big paws (or is that pants) to fill).

  9. How sad for your boy and the rest of your family. Poor Captain Fluffy Pants... I still love his name.. Maybe Milo needs to be deckhand fluffy pants.

  10. Oh, that is so sad. But Milo is really lucky now that he has a great home.

  11. We are so sorry to hear about CFP. Welcome to the new little one though.

    Emma Rose

  12. I am so sorry to know about CFP. I know it was not an easy decision but you did what was best for him.
    I am sure Milo is happy living with you all!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. We are so so sorry to hear about Capt. Fluffy Pants.:( We are sending lots of love to you all.

    Teddy Bear

  14. ooohno sorry about capt. fluffy pants :(
    a biggg hugh from us

    and a Welcome to milo :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  15. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Captain Fluffy Pants, but are overjoyed to meet the newest addition to your family!


  16. Hi Mack and Mia,

    You've been awarded on our blog.:)

    Teddy Bear

  17. miss christina,
    i am sorry that captain fluffy pants had to go to the rainbow bridge way too soon. i'm sendin' my bestest gooey nose kisses and comforting huggles to you and your boy.
    milo, you've got some big paws to fill, but i'm totally sure you can do it! welcome to your new forevarrr family!
    the booker man