Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday HOOOMAN EDITION!

Man, I tell ya, Mia and I really love that little RugRat!
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Evening walkies

Hey there all my furfriends! Mack here! We went for a nice evening walkies last night. Sometimes, we don't always get to go for a super long walkies at night because our momma is afraid of the dark and says it's scary. She is such a worry wart! I told momma she doesn't have to be scared because I will protect her and can unleash the MACK ATTACK at a moments notice. she says I couldn't hurt a fly. I hope that she is not implying that I am not gruff enough. I mean, I am a MAN, a DUDE, and I'm quite muscular if I may say so myself. Ladies have been known to faint! Anywooo, we got a walkie, a long one, so thats all that matters!
and so we are off. Mia always walks close to me. I'm kind of a big deal. I'm the big brudder, what can I say...We got to stop at the park and do a bunch of zoomies. Mia has such a hoooooge hiney she can never keep up with me! COME ON FATSO! HA ROO ROO WOOO!
LOOK! Fresh-Pee mail! Mia give it a good sniff, Is it one of my of our furfriends...?
I'll leave a little pee-mail myself for the ladies, you know what I mean, Jelly Bean. MMMMM...Jelly beansss...ahhh, gotta keep my head in the game.
There is another one! I gotta get this one too! You know I have fans all around the neighborhood, momma.
Okay, last one, I promise. What can I say? I'm a ladies man. AHHH! Watch out Mia! I almost peed on your big doofus head, you would've had PEE BRAINS then...hey it's better than NO brains, right?!
Come on Mia girl let's head home you look t.i.r.e.d....I wonder why?...BIG BUTT!
Hey Mia, Look over there...
It's a rainbow!
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey everydoggy! It's Monday, it's rainy, it's gloomy, it stinks! It's time to get back to the grind. Our momma and dad threw a little get together on Saturday night though and it sure was a HOOT!
I of course didn't stay up for all the shenanigans because I had to get my beauty rest. It's very important that my big and beawooootiful self gets the maximum amount of snooze time. Mack on the other hand.....
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend WOO HOO!

Hey Everydoggy!
It's finally the weekend! WOO HOO! We started our weekend on Friday because momma called out of work and spent the whole day with us! It was so pawesome. We had walkies, scratchies, noms, treaties, and lots of lovies! So that's why momma was M.I.A yesterday...she was busy giving us her attention...ALL of it...every minute...Hey, we don't ask for much.

Anyhoo, Mia and I were so happy this morning because one of our bestest furfriends, The Booker Man gave us this award and we are so happy and thankful! Labradudes like Booker, me, and Mia too are full of sunshine!

Here are the rules:
post the award on your bloggie and send the award to 12 friendz and leave comments on their bloggies.
Well yesterday, I had a play date with one of my furfriends! Her name is Nia! She is a blue pit and is sweet as can be! She kinda wore me out though I'm not going to lie. She is a good match for MACK ATTACK...but don't tell...I don't want Mia gettin any ideas or nothing.
Can you spy the e.n.e.m.y? Look closely...
Look at that black demon trying to hide and be all inconspicuous and stuff...I'm going to let her get away with it just this once because she thinks she is totally invisible. Doofus feline and to think they call us pups slow. pffft....
Mia here everydoggy! The only doofus I see is Mack and I gotta deal with him everyday, so I would know!
Enjoy the weekend!
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I was tagged!

Hey everydoggy!
One of my best friends tagged me! Mayzie tagged us for the photo challenge!

Here are the rules...does everydoggy have their listening ears on?...

Go to your first photo folder, find the 10th picture, post that photo and explain the story behind it. Then, tag five blogs to do the same.

Here is the winning photo!

No, you are not going crazy or losing your sight. I promise. You ARE seeing double! Here is the story behind this photo. Mia and I (in the front) went to go visit our good furfriends Rocky and Thunder for a play date. Rocky is the other chocolate lab behind Mia and Thunder is the other yellow lab behind me. They are our brudders from another mudder! Even my boy came to play with us. It was so much fun, we got to do a whole bunch of zoomies and act all crazy. It was so much fun confusing everyone, especially our momma...and for the record, let me just tell you it didn't take much...she is a wittle s-l-o-w...shhhh...tee-hee.
Want to know what the BEST part of the day was? NOMS! I mean seriously, do you really think all 4 of us would do our sit stay nicely AND at the same time for that matter without some NOMS involved?! CLEARLY NOT.

Okay, so that’s the story of my beawoooooootiful picture and now here are the five bloggies I’m tagging:

Miss M and Mr. B

Paco, Milo, and Maya




Happy photo hunting! We can't wait to hear the stories!

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey Everydoggy! Momma found this poem a while ago and really loved what it said. I'm sure many of you have read it before. Momma said she should frame it and put it in our house because sometimes visitors have made comments about all the hair around and little do they know momma tries super duper hard to keep a clean home, hair free. Pffft, but Mia and I are LABS....I mean, do I really need to say more?....Our Hair bunnies come alive sometimes! Tee-hee! Anyway this poem is for all the people who don't have dogs and dont get it!


My dogs live here,
they're here to stay.
you don't like pets,
be on your way.

They share my home, my food, my space
this is their home, this is their place.

You will find dog hair on the floor,
they will alert you're at the door.
they may request a little pat,
a simple "no" will settle that.

It gripes me when I hear you say
"just how is it you live this way?"
they smell, they shed, they're in the way..
"WHO ASKED YOU? is all I can say..

They love me more than anyone,
my voice is like the rising sun,
they merely have to hear me say
"C'mon girls, time to go and play"
then tails wag and faces grin,
they bounce and hop and make a din.

They never say "no time for you",
they're always there, to GO and DO.

and if I'm sad? They're by my side
and if I'm mad? they circle wide
and if I laugh, they laugh with me
they understand, they always see.

so once again, I say to you
come visit me, but know this too..
My dogs live here, they're here to stay.
you don't like pets, be on your way.
they share my home, my food, my space
this is their home, this is their place...

------------Author Unknown

I was really trying to think about the two-leggers who have the nerve to complain about us puppers...
I went to go get Mia and see what she thought of it all...
I even meditated and had a good long think about it. think. think. think....And do you know what Mia and I decided about non-doggie people?....

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hey everydoggy! Last night momma was feeling courageous and decided to follow after Mayzie's mom and try to post a video. She hopes it's half as good as Mayzie's Momma's movie skills. Momma is a wittle slow, but she said for a first try she thinks it was pretty good. Mia and I just smiled and wagged along. Whatever you say momma, you can believe whatever you long as you keep those snap peas coming! So yummy and delicious and delectable and irresistible and spectacular. NOM. NOM. NOM. NOM.

Wags and Woofs,

Mack and Mia

It's a s-l-o-w day today.

Hey everydoggy! I hope everyone had a really good weekend. It was sunny and in the 70's here for the WHOLE weekend...and now It's Monday...and it's rainy yet again so momma was not very motivated to get up. Mia and I tried our best to tag team her. I was right ontop of her, right in her mug, all 81 lbs of me and Mia was next to the bed jabbing her big wet nose in mommas face or any exposed part she could get at, but we weren't really OVERLY motivated either.
Hey momma. Watcha doing?
Rise and Shine Momma it's morning time!
Yeah, see, I told you Mia and I weren't really motivated either. tee-hee. It didn't take much convincing that staying in bed just a wee bit longer was a better choice than getting up and getting the week started. Besides, it was so warm and toasty in our dog pile. Momma says she doesn't ever need a warmer with me and Mia around. She always puts her cold tootsies under Mia's belly and uses me like a life size body pillow. Eh, somedoggy has to do it, right?!
Yup, here I am looking so pawsomely handsome and cute just chilling, hanging out, and chewing on my red ball. nom. nom. nom. Nothing too crazy today. Maybe it's the rain. Maybe it's because it's MONDAY...Momma said I am in rare form today, I don't know WHY she would say something absurd like that...
That's our boy just chilling and hanging out ON Mia. Mia doesn't mind though, it would take way more than a rowdy 5 year old to make that big butt move out of a deep slumber.
He really lubbing her a lot.
I really lubbing her too even though a card board box has more life than her sometimes.
Whatever Mack. You better watch out before I put YOU in a Card board box and mail you to outer space - right after my nap. Zzzzzzz.

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who are you calling tubby?!

Hey everydoggy! As most of you know already my sister is a little plump. I took in upon my self to try and help her shed a few pounds. It is my offical duty and responsibility as her brudder to get her active!

I mean look at her...just laying a bump on a log...I mean she is so big she could BE the log! It's totally time for an intervention...
Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Wanna play with your most pawsomest, handsomest, coolest brudder? HEEEELLLLOOOO...Anyone home? GEEZ - Look alive!
GET UP MIA! Lazy butt! It's time to whip you into shape!
I mean look at that belly! Sheesh! You are so squishy when I poke you with my nose it DISAPPEARS because your blubber engulfs it!
Mack you big booger. You woke me from my slumber and now you will pay!
Bring it on FATSO!
Who are you calling fatso? You are not that slender yourself, TUBBY! You big Yellow tub o' LARD!
Thhhhhbbbb...ewwwwww...gross...Mia FUR...filled with Mia COOTIES!!
Ok, ok, FINE, you don't want to play bitey face. I was just trying to help... Do you maybe wanna play with my rubber ball then? WHAT?! You say NO?! FINE! Go lay down you big FAT lug.
I will DOOFUS! Right after I get my smooch from my boy. Oh thank you my little two-legger boy for giving me a sweet kiss on my snout. Mack is so un-civilized sometimes!
Mia you are such a boring ol' girl. A party pooper if you will. You need to spice up your life. Give it a little piz-zaz!
Ahhh well....I'll try again tomorrow. It is my duty to get Mia off her booty!Hey, on another note, can you see any boogies in my snout?

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia