Friday, March 19, 2010

Who are you calling tubby?!

Hey everydoggy! As most of you know already my sister is a little plump. I took in upon my self to try and help her shed a few pounds. It is my offical duty and responsibility as her brudder to get her active!

I mean look at her...just laying a bump on a log...I mean she is so big she could BE the log! It's totally time for an intervention...
Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Hey Mia. Wanna play with your most pawsomest, handsomest, coolest brudder? HEEEELLLLOOOO...Anyone home? GEEZ - Look alive!
GET UP MIA! Lazy butt! It's time to whip you into shape!
I mean look at that belly! Sheesh! You are so squishy when I poke you with my nose it DISAPPEARS because your blubber engulfs it!
Mack you big booger. You woke me from my slumber and now you will pay!
Bring it on FATSO!
Who are you calling fatso? You are not that slender yourself, TUBBY! You big Yellow tub o' LARD!
Thhhhhbbbb...ewwwwww...gross...Mia FUR...filled with Mia COOTIES!!
Ok, ok, FINE, you don't want to play bitey face. I was just trying to help... Do you maybe wanna play with my rubber ball then? WHAT?! You say NO?! FINE! Go lay down you big FAT lug.
I will DOOFUS! Right after I get my smooch from my boy. Oh thank you my little two-legger boy for giving me a sweet kiss on my snout. Mack is so un-civilized sometimes!
Mia you are such a boring ol' girl. A party pooper if you will. You need to spice up your life. Give it a little piz-zaz!
Ahhh well....I'll try again tomorrow. It is my duty to get Mia off her booty!Hey, on another note, can you see any boogies in my snout?

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia


  1. Oh, that was a really scary face in that picture. I think that face would move anyone to be up and active.

  2. We love playing the zoomie and wrestling games!!! And ooooh... getting a kiss on the snooter from a little biped would be sooooo nice! I love little bipeds! If I met yours, do you think he'd kiss my lil'snooter?

  3. I did not see a single boogie, Mack. I try to get my Brudder Ranger to play with me lots, too. He's not very much fat but I want to do my part to make sure he doesn't get that way. But soemtimes it's kinda hard to talk these older brudders and sisters into it, isn't it?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. my mama loved your post today. she is heehee-ing lots! "BUTT IN THE FACE!" is her new favorite phrase.
    i, the booker man, understand your dilemma, mack. my big sis asa is a little tubby herself, and it can be pretty challenging to get her off her badonkadonk. you gave it a good effort!
    the booker man

  5. No boogers in your nose!

    You're playing with fire there, Mack, you know that, right?!


  6. Woo really shouldn't pikhk on GIRLS!

    We RULE!

    Woo boys DROOL!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. You two look like you're having a ton of fun.:) You're safe, no boogies.:)

    Teddy Bear

  8. Now she does not look too big to me. She looks just right!!

  9. OMD - You are hilarious :) We love the picture of Mia getting a smooch from her two legger!

  10. Hi, Mack!
    I guess Mia does not appreciate a lot your efforts!
    You are so nice trying to make her move her... body!
    Nope. I can't see any boogies!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. BUTT in da face ...ha ha ha!! GrWoof!

  12. That was so annoying. I get the same treatment from my idiot brother. I like the sit on the head move. Need to try that one myself.


    P.S. You are not fat, just round and yummerlicious.