Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lovely weather we are having, eh?!

Hey everydoggy! Mia here again. I have a very important introduction to make today. I am going to introduce you to the puuuurrrrrty kitties that we share our home with. Well, actually, they were here first, so I guess they are sharing it with us, but anyway, we are bigger than them so we rule and they drool. Here is the most important tip I will share with everydoggy about how you approach a kitty. First, You have to disguise yourself and blend in with the surroundings. Second, you have to be really really quiet and not move a muscle. (This is basically impossible for Mack because he is a big doofus and barks at the wind. What a dummy, I tell ya, thats all thats in his brain, just a breeze blowing right through - cause it's EMPTY!) Third, you have to look super cute, which comes naturally to a girl like me!

Without further a do...HERE THEY ARE!
This is Midnight. She is a short hair. Midnight is about 7/8 years old. Momma doesn't know her exact breed of age because she adopted her from the SPCA. Whoever owned Midnight before were very mean to her. She was found abandoned in a home. Momma hates humans that abuse animals. Momma said she would love to have 10 minutes with those type of people to give them a piece of her mind and a piece of her foot up their *(#$%&#(*&%@#)($&.

And here is Luna giving Midnight instructions on how to play tricks on Mack and I. Luna is a long-haired, calico kitty and about the same age as Midnight...I think. Momma isn't sure about her either because Momma found her as a stray roaming around the neighborhood and made dad catch her!
Enough with the felines! Back to US! It has been pretty cold outside lately, but this past weekend it was a whopping 60 degrees. "EVERYONE OUTSIDE", Momma yelled!
Here is Mack with his stoopid ball that he never shares with me!

Here is Mack still not sharing


Still being greedy!

Need I say it again?!?!?!

Thhhhhhhhhbbbbb! Who wants to play with that stoopid ball anyway?! It has Mack cooties and slobber anyway!

SIKE. I WANT IT. I finally got it away from doofus boy over there! He's not the brightest crayon in the Crayola box. Now I know if I act like I don't want to play, he will give in to me. SCORE!
Mia: 1 Mack: 0
Wags and Woofs,
Mack said he will be posting the next one because apparently I am the one being greedy now. what does he know anyway?! but I'll let him because he's my brudder and I stole his bully stick last night anyhoo, so I guess we are even steven!


  1. You're so lucky to have your own cats. I like how they only come out if you blend into the surroundings. Mr. B keeps begging for a cat, but he's not going to win that one.

  2. Mia, way to fake out your brother! Girls rule, boys drool!

    I'd keep an eye on those felines at all times if I were you!


  3. you sure are nice doggies to allow kitties in your house! i'm not so sure that me and asa could do that... ;)
    the booker man

  4. There are 2 kitties that live here with me. Sometimes they pretend like they're going to be nice & then I'll walk by & *whap* a punch right to the kisser!

    Not cool!

  5. Lots of stealing action I see. Bully sticks, toys. Much easier for me. All things belong to the Mango. I am unsure about those cats. I never actually lived with one. I met one once and went ARARARA but then it hissed at me and I got a little scared.

    My brother has two kittehs that used to be orphans but now they live in his nice big estate and get lots of love.


  6. P.S. Momma says you might want to rethink your font color for your posts (huh?). She is 5000 years old and does not see so well. Whatever.


  7. Hey Mia! I didn't know you had kitties. I have to say, I'm not a kitty fan. I had one smack me real hard when I was itty bitty and I still remember it! I'm glad you get along with you kitty siblings though....I just don't want any in my house ;o)

  8. Hi, Mia!
    Sure is fun to live with Midnight and Luna!
    I like your technique to get that ball at the end!
    Kisses and hugs