Thursday, March 11, 2010

Foodables...nom nom nom nom!

NOMS. Noms are like the greatest thing in the world. I live for noms. Momma was cooking some extra tasty noms last night. She made sauteed asparagus and mushrooms, salmon, and herb rice. Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm. The aroma just filled the air and my mouth was watering so much that momma said I looked like I had a disease or somthing. I'm not one to usually beg...well actually....who am I kidding.

I started of in a low tone just to let momma know I approved of her cooking skills and that I would be most honored to be her honorary taste tester. She said no.
Then I gave a little Arrrooooo to hint that a little piece of salmon dropped in my deposit box wouldn't hurt anybody. She said no.

HRMPH! Mean momma. I ignored her for the rest of the night. Sike. I'm just kidding, it was only for like a minute. What can I say? - I lubbing her.

Here is my boy devouring EACH and EVERY last delectable bite. Please drop a piece on the floor. Please drop a piece on the floor. Please drop a piece on the floor. Please drop a piece on the floor. PLEASE.

He is smiling and I am crying on the inside. It's such a cruel CRUEL world! I tried to make sure everyone was aware of my dismay.

Momma told me to stop - so I did. I gave up. I mean pffftt....her cooking isn't THAT great anyway, right?! YEAH - That's what I'm going to keep telling myself.

So after my epic fail of trying to con my momma or boy for a bite of food I went to go see what bigg butt (Mia) was doing. Guess what? She wasn't doing anything. Typical. I tried to see if she wanted to play keep away or bitey face, but, well, look at that face. What do you think her answer was? A big fat lame NO!

I cried. She held me.
Ahh well, there is always tomorrow....
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia


  1. You are very bossy there with your howling for nom noms. Hey! At least your mom actually cooks. But nothing for you? The horror.

    I see nothing wrong with Mia excusing herself given that your humans are big piggies who don't save any foodables for starving dogs.


  2. awww, poor mack. that is just awful. :(
    maybe you're going to have to step up your game...i'm thinking the "accidental" trip while mama is carrying the super delicious foodables to the table. SCORE!
    the booker man

  3. Psst...Mack...over on Stella's World bloggie, Ali Z. gave outs a number called the Starving Dog Hotline. I think it was 1-800-FeedMeNow. You should take it down and hide it away somewheres. You know, just in case.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. With those types of dinners, I'd be hoping some would fall on the floor too..

  5. Ha ha ha, you are so funny, very persistant, very funny:) MAJOR xx

  6. Oh Mack! I'm crying a little on the inside for you! If you need to relocate, I am good at playing and we have good food here!


  7. Poor Mack. The abuse we take being denied all of the good smelling stuff in the kitchen. It is just awful.

  8. Oh, Mack!
    That looked like torture to me!
    I wonder why she did not give you a little piece... I mean... those were veggies and fish... healthy things! hmmm...
    Well.... maybe next time!
    Kisses and hugs