Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dealing with the E.N.E.M.Y

Hello everydoggy! It's Mack here! Man, when I went to sleep yesterday it was RAINY and when I woke up this morning...guess what?...It was STILL RAINY! but it's okay because I got an awardie from my good friend from For the Love of Dogs.

Here are the rules:
Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Thank woo so so so so very much For the Love of Dogs! We wubbing to read your bloggy too and we are super glad that we are friends.

Rule 2. Share 7 things about yourself.
Mia is a brown noser and that is why everyone loves on her and gives her extra treats, but I'm not jelly at all because she is squishy...REALLY squishy.

Felines and Tree Rats better watch out and stay out of our yard because MACK ATTACK can bust out at a moments notice.

If you make me angry you will get a BUTT IN THE FACE!

Mia and I love our little boy so very much. We follows him everywhere he goes! I mean, can woo blame us he shares foodable with us!

Mack is our very own live in "Marley". He is a bad boy and he LIKES IT...and so does Mayzie...Tee-Hee...

Labs rule and cats DROOL!

Rule 3. Pass the award along to 7 bloggers who you think are fantastic.
The Thundering Herd

(I changed this rule to only 7 boggers because seriously, Mia and I would be up all day and night if we listed all our bloggy furends that we think are fantastic and because we would totally run out of room because we think EVERYDOGGY is FANTASTICAL!)

Rule 4. Contact Blog award winners.

Okie Dokie. So, yesterday I was just hangin' out on the couch...
I was being a good labradude, you know, minding my own business...
AND THEN....Luna just came stolling by and was just being a BIG bully...Oh yeh. In case you can't tell from the picture, she is the feline version of Mia - FAT! Luna says it's all fur, but I've seen her big ol' belly swaying side to side when I chase her through the house...I mean when I uh....uh...uh....RUT ROH. I've already said too much!
WHAT DO YOU WANT LUNA? I'm so not going to chase you because I know this is a SET UP! I might be a wittle slow on some things, but I'm so on to your scheme!
Ttttthhhhhbbbbbb! What? No I was not sticking my tongue out at woo! I just...uh...had something in my nose....yeh....something was in my nose you big poof ball. What did woo do, stick your paw in a socket? and woo are calling ME the doofus.
Mack, you better be nice to me of I will sit on your doofus blondy self and then I am going to tell momma you were trying to CHASE ME. And we both know who she will believe... Neener - neener pumpkin eater.
Woo want to talk about eating huh...MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! LUNA ATE MY HEAD because she said it looked like a pumpkin!
Tee-Hee. Just joshing. See, it's right here. No need to worries. What do you mean it's not nice to cry 'wolf'? What does that M E A N? I don't see a crying wolf anywhere?! I'm so confused...there are too many manners that woo want us to learn.
HRMPH! I never win...
Well Hellllo there, MIA!
I'm WATCHING woo! Woo better watch out because woo might be NEXT!
Mom? Mom? MOM? Hey Mom? Mom, where are woo? Mom? MOM? Mom? Hey Mom? Mom, where are woo? Mom? MOM? Mom? Hey Mom? MOOOOOOOOMMY?
Thank goodness woo are here to protect me, Mom. Woo can't catch me now, Midnight!
Oh yeh, Mom, just one more thing...Mack called me FAT again and a brown noser. I'm confused because woo said you lubbing my big brown nose and my squishyness, woo still do, right? Okay, good. Just making sure...

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia


  1. You are smart not to trust those cats. We have 4 here that will rat us out to mom and dad at anytime. Especially brother Lucky! He is still coming to terms with the fact that he can't have them for snacks!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  2. Yippee! Congratulations on your awardie, Mack and Mia! And Mack - you're very much right. I do luvs your bad boy ways!

    Looks like you have your paws full with your kittehs. I am learning that you have to keeps your eyes on 'em cuz they're kinda tricky and sneaky. And I do thinks you need to ask your mom for more explanations about that crying wolf thing. I don't know what that means either.

    Oh, and lastly, Mia - I luvs that picture of you and your momma. Lotsa sweetness right there!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Macaroon and Thunder Thighs, I loves your little spoofs. Has ya'll evers thought about joining Saturday Nite Live...move over Betty White.
    Thank you very much fur honoring me with your awardie.'s a good thing ya'll didn't follow da rules cuz you know I can't.

  4. awww thanks for the award!!!
    We love the MACK ATTACK!!!
    and thats a great picture of Mia and Mommy!

  5. OOOOOO, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    I love when people let me know they are reading my stuff
    - Jack!!

  6. Boy, Mack, you've got your paws full. Those cats look very sneaky: climbing on things, spying...

    But we don't think you should call poor Mia fat. She looks a nice, cuddly size.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. I had to stop reading and rest for a while. Your bloggie is soooooo funny. Cats are all Crazed you know. Be careful.
    Thanks for the grrrreat chuckles and Congratulations on the Ward!!!

  8. I want to see her stomach sway side to side...does it ever make her topple over?

  9. Khongrats on your award!

    BUT woo really really really REALLY need to learn something here:

    Girls Rule!



  10. Congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to us.:) Boys so rule!!! Feline sisters...they think they are so slick, just because they can jump on top of the cabinets. Too bad we can't.

    Teddy Bear

  11. Congrats on a great award!!! We loved learning all that stuff about you. And we see there is lots of sibling rivalry at your place too. Phantom, skinny boy, likes to tell TD he is fat too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Congratulations on your Award and thanks a lot for giving it to me!
    I can see Luna enjoys teasing you!
    Glad your mom is always there to protect you two!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Thanks for the award!

    Mia, perhaps you overeat to compensate for having such a relentlessly tormenting brother!

    I agree, never trust a cat!


  14. gratsers on your shiny award!!
    you are smart to keep your eyes glued to those kitties. they are sneaky little goobers...
    the booker man

  15. What a delightful blog you have here Mack! I`m so glad I found it!

  16. Woo - thanks for the award. We are honored.

    As for the cat thing, well - no cats here.