Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Harooo everydoggy! It's Mack here. Dude! I hope everydoggy is recovering well from all the pawties and festivities for Cinco de Mayo last night! Check out my boys sombrero. He is so stylin' and festive! I wish I could've gone out with him last night...
Anyhoo...On another note, this morning my momma went to register my boy into kindergarten because he is starting school this fall. CAN WOO GUYS BELIEVE IT?! and then she started talking about how time flies and everyone is growing up so fast...poor mom...maybe she drank too many margaritas yesterday...I think she may have been misty on the drive home from the elementary school, but then again maybe she just finished sticking her head out of the window to catch some air and it probably blew in her eye. Pssh, I mean that happens to me weekly, woo know what I'm sayin'?! Momma went down memory lane this morning...
Here is my boy and I almost 2 years ago...we were best buds from the start.
Young, Fresh Faced, and new to the world!!
Mom says we are her wittle babies and when she looks back on these pictures it makes her so happy, but sometimes a wittle sad too because the time flew so quickly and it seems like so long ago...
and here is her baby now...FIVE YEARS OLD! She said she cannot even believe it.
and here I am, her furry, blond, and most handsomest little baby and I'm already 2 1/2!
OH GOSH. Here come the water works! Mooooom, you are so embarressing!
It's okay mom, just think in another 5 years you get to go through this all again! Don't woo feel better now?!
Well, all I know is that I can't wait to start this new chapter in life with my boy and my crazy and sometimes overly emotional momma. It's going to be an adventure! Hold on tight momma! Here we goooooooooooo!
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia


  1. Tell your momma it only gets worsr da older they get. You know, they go on field trips without ya'll, they meet NEW friends, they learn new things like math, science, english. asnd then eventually they won't needs mom's help to get my point. Then finally, they need ya'll anymore. Now how's mom feeling afters this comment? Hehehehehe!
    Seriously, my girl is 7 so my mum has been there too. It's a wonderful journey to watch them grow up nonetheless.

  2. What a great tour through your early years!!! Wait until the first day of school if you think today was tough on the Mom. Our Momster says to enjoy every single minute of your time with the little ones - they grow up so quickly. Before you know it, it's time to be a Grandma like she is.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I know it is hard to see the pups grow up. I just went through that with my Dad recently. He feels better now though. Your mom will too. BUTT... it's still hard.

  4. It'll be a while before he's off to college, but it is a shock when you realize they're not babies at all anymore. Of course, for we canines that realization comes when they stop dropping food out of their high chairs. That's always a sad day for us.

    wags, Lola

  5. Thanks for sharing all the baby pics. And I love that action shot by the pool.

  6. My cuzin is gonna be going to that kindergarten place next year, too! My mom can't believe how fast she's grown up. But there's all sorts of fun in every new stage of their little lives so tells your mom just to enjoy every bit of this new chapter.

    Oh...and I just melted like crazy when I saw those pictures of you and your boy as little pups. That's some serious cuteness!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Aww.. you and your boy look so happy together! Maybe someday I'll have a boy of my own - think of all the fun we would have! I can't imagine pictures cuter than yours though!


  8. Oh boy, Mommies and their water works. Wow, your Boy is starting Kindergarten already. I bet he's excited and wishes that you guys could go to school with him every day.:)

    Teddy Bear

  9. Every age of a child brings exciting times and wonderful memories.


  10. What a sweet post! Your babies are beautiful, and even though time is flying, you have a lot to be proud of :)

  11. Ahhhh!

    Please thank your mom fur sharing those great pikhs and memories with us!

    Please remind her to enjoy each day!


  12. Mack, I've been to kindergarten, even though I'm only three. I stopped in to visit there when I went to PreK with Mom one day. Tell your boy that it's lots of fun!

    She gets to do it all again in five years? Does that mean there's a new boy or girl on the way?

  13. oh dont woo worry our mommish berrysess ush all the time . she turns on the waterworks most everytime she reads bloggys.weido! anywoo your boy ish going to love going to school and you can help him wiff his homewoik when he gets home . it'll be tons of funness

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  14. Hi, Mack!
    Sure your mom has pawesome memories!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. your boy is growin' up, mackzorz! he is gonna have a blast at kindy-garden. you can be there to welcome him home when he gets off the big yellow bus thingie!
    i know your mama is embarrassin' you, but she's filled up with all those special memories of you and your boy as little pups, and now ya'll are big boys! it'll take her a little bit to get used to ya'll being more independent like. so give her a gooey nose kiss and a cuddle, and she'll be okie dokie.
    the booker man

  16. Humans are so curious. What is the happy sad they speak of?


  17. Your boys are so great. Im my Mums only boy. Do you know she has 4 girls, Well 5 including my sister Pede.
    If you guys ever decide to come visit Australia pleas call my Mum, she thinks Margaritas are lots of fun too:)