Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christmas in March!

Hey everydoggy! It's Mia here! Dude, my momma is so resourceful. For this past Christmas we got these sweet candy cane bones. They were like so NOMMY! Anyhoo, AFTER Christmas they were super duper cheap at the pet store so my genius mom, always using her noggin, snagged a boat load of those suckers for back stock. Woo can never have enough chewing bones, woo know?! So, what do you get when you bust out a candy cane bone in March? CHRISTMAS IN MARCH! WOOOOOO! Shhh....not so loud, stoopid Mack might hear us....NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM!
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia


  1. Very resourceful Mom you have there. We need to get our Momster to get us some of those chewies. Did you let Mack have one too, Mia?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Can I tell you a silly story about those? We had bought a bunch for my first Golden, years ago, and one day during her frisky puppy years - she did a mad gallop around the house with the hook side out. Well, she managed to hook my Dad's leg as she went by, but he was okay - my Mom managed to break his fall! Needless to say, those things were banned in our house (although she still got them at night in my room!). It's a good deal, stocking up on them though!


  3. miss mia,

    i can see that the smarticles totally run in your pack. your mama sure was smart like to stock up on all those nommy christmas bones! i wish my mama was that smart...bwuahaha!

    the booker man

  4. DO has a very smart mom! Wish I could say da same fur mine but I can't!
    I will be very quite so Mack don't heres.
    Enjoy your candy cane Mia!


  5. Smart momma you got there! Christmas in March! Nothing wrong with that!

  6. Your mommy was thinking! What a great surprise!

  7. Mom's are simply the BEST!:)

    Teddy Bear

  8. Hi Mia. That must be an awesomely yummy bone. You look to be enjoying it :) I've never heard of this kind before. Gracie likes peanut butter flavored.

  9. Hi, Mia!
    You are sooooo lucky!
    That is a super duper bone!
    Sure you entertain yourself with that bone for a long time!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Why not? That is one resourceful mom you have. Nom, nom, nom.


  11. Wooo - Merry Christmas! WE need to insist on Christmas every month.