Sunday, August 26, 2012

A happy ending...

Hey everydoggy and everyone,

First, I want to start by saying thank you for everyone who reached out and offered their sympathy, advice, comfort, hugs, and encouragement.

Second, at this point, I am kind of embarressed and saddened that I had written my previous post in the first place. It was a desperate time and I think I was looking for a desperate solution.
I knew it would take all the 4-leggers time to adjust to the baby, I knew there would be some acting out, maybe some withdrawl, jealousy etc... But as the weeks went by, Mack was the only one who was NOT liking the new addition - He was not taking well - AT ALL. I won't go into details, but there was a lot of growling, snipping at times, shredding of stuffed things, blankets, pretty much anything he could get his paws on, and angry pooping and peeing in the house (I say angry because Mack is 5 years old and house trained. I can't remember the last time he messed in the house and here it was happening DAILY.) To be honest, at that time, I thought Mack was a lost cause - I gave up...

The turning point: I went on the Potomac Lab Rescue website and just looking at all the pups faces on their main page waiting to be adopted really struck my heart strings. I was thinking what blurb they would write for Mack, what picture they would use, and I just couldn't even imagine someone coming to take him from me. I don't know how to explain it, but after looking at that website it renewed me - renewed my patience.
This is a picture my husband took of Mack within the first few weeks after the baby was born. When I look at this picture today, 3 months later, it makes me sad. He looks so sad, lost, and like he doesn't know where he fits in anymore since he isn't the baby anymore - like he's the outcast.

And just so everyone knows - we tried everything in the book. We brought home the babies cap so the animals could know his scent before he came home. We gave extra lovings and attention to them all. We exercised them more than the norm. All that jazz - Mia and Milo came around so easily and so quickly, but not Mack.

So we all PILED it on THICK - REALLY THICK! Especially, Little Bryan, he made it his mission to make Mack act back to normal, fearing he would lose another friend...

I don't know if it was the extra love, the random threats, the scoldings, or the extra pieces of cheese noms I gave to Mack to try to bribe him, But somewhere around 8 - 10 weeks something clicked for him. I swear he was a different dog. I mean he was back to the same boy we always knew. Mack stopped acting out towards the baby just as fast as he had started - it was so so strange.
Look at my boy now....
He went from snipping at the baby to following him everywhere. It's crazy. I don't understand how his mind works. Did he just give up? Did he finally realize that the baby wasn't leaving no matter how much he growled? Did he finally accept the baby into his pack? I have no idea, but I'd like to think the latter. :)


And this morning - August 26, 2012 - Look at that smile - It's was a busy morning on the play mat.

I don't know what else to say about the last 3 months - there was a lot of crying, laughing, stress, and sleepless nights had by everyone and everydoggy, but I'm just so happy and so relieved for everyone's sake that it's back to the way it's supposed to be. Now, we can get back to dealing with all Macks OTHER antics, the annoying, but tolerable, and mostly funny ones...

Thank you and much love,

Mack's momma


  1. Oh my!

    I've got goosebumps reading that -

    AND I'm holding back happy tears -

    Thanks SO much for sharing -

    AND once again, you are to be commended for reaching out for help and advice and eyes and ears -

    This just made our already special day!

    Khyra's Mom AND Khyra too!

  2. WOOOT! OMG - that is wonderful news to hear. We will keep fingers cross that peace is here to stay!


  3. Oh how very happy we all are to read your post!!! We are so glad you had the patience to wait and try to work things out. One thing we thought of and maybe others have suggested it, but have you had Mack tested for low thyroid? A lot of his behaviors can be signs of low thyroid. And it is a problem that is very easily fixed with a relatively low costing pill. Just a thought. But it sure looks life at your house is back to normal.


    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. We're so happy for you. It had to be a very trying and scary time but you all made it through and that's something to celebrate. As Khyra would ask, will there be khake?

  5. Hurray!
    I am very happy to know everything is ok!
    Sure it took time for Mack to get used to the new situation.
    Thanks for sharing the good news!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. I am so happy that everything worked out. This sounds a bit like when we brought home Dexter. Mango was happy for about 24 hours and then he was just pissed off and I worried that we wouldn't be able to keep little Dexter. Then things clicked and now they are good pals (most of the time, but just some gruff comments now and then, nothing scary).

    Mack, my friend, there is plenty of love to go around and that wee little human is going to be one of your best pals some day.

    Mango Momma

  7. Soooo happy that Mack got his groove back! The baby will soon be another best friend for him. What a lovely family you have, 4leggeds and hoomans!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  8. So so glad that you all were able to work thru this.


    Mr. Nubbin's Mom

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  11. My, what a happy family and home you’ve got! I can’t believe you can handle almost everybody in the house. You really are a super woman and mom! Great multi-tasking! Mack really looks awesome and well-behaved. I wish your family more happy times and good health! Enjoy and embrace challenges as it comes. God Bless!

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