Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My sweet pups....

Good morning everyone and everydog,

It's Mack and Mia's momma here. It's been a long time since my last post, which was of Mack finally coming around a few months after I brought the new baby home. Well, the baby is now 14 months!

Our home has had a lot of changes, but probably the most prominent and most sad would be that I ultimately surrendered Mack and Mia to the Lab Rescue of the LRCP just last month.

Here is the direct link below of the adoption page:

Mack and Mia are now available for adoption.

Last night, I received a call from the adoption coordinator at the rescue. She wanted to give me a status update and also ask a few more questions. Mack and Mia are currently in a foster home.

The reason that I am posting to my blog this morning after this long is that she had mentioned that a prospective family who wanted to possibly adopt them had stumbled across my blog dedicated to them and had some concerns regarding my previous post about Mack and his antics when we brought the baby home and if he was truly okay with children. I guess he has been having the toughest time adjusting at the foster home...

While you may be appalled or totally disappointed in my decision to surrender Mack and Mia - all I can say is that it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. And honestly, I had never searched to see them on the lab rescue website because I knew that would break my heart and stir up all my torn feelings of what I had done. However, after the phone call with the coordinator I couldn't help but look and re-read my blog.

I cried. A lot.

While I know I cannot turn back or make you understand what our family went through in our decision - I feel like I have to defend my Mack and just wanted to write that Mack and Mia are the sweetest labs and were always good to my children. Even though Mack had a hard time adjusting initially, he did come around and I think his jealousy was just and fair as he had ALWAYS been the baby in our home.

So, I'm writing this entry as a plea that maybe anyone else who stumbles on my blog will know that we had to let Mack and Mia go because they were acting out (angry poops and such) due to jealousy and due to the decrease of attention I could give them. I'm only one person and I was being pulled in so many directions. They need to be in a home where they can be number one - that's the spot my Macky and Mia deserve to be in. I want to tell those prospective families to read more entries. Read them all. Not just one bad time - a time of adjustment. Read about all the good times so you can see that they are GREAT pups and that they came from a home of love and lots of attention. Lastly, please be patient with him - his intentions are good and his heart is made of gold.

Hopefully, Mack and Mia's pawfriends can help 'advertise' my sweet babies so they can find a good home. I'm so heart-broken over this whole thing.

Thank you,



  1. Heartbreaking, but you did the best thing you could and everybody will be happier in the long run. I will cross post on my doggie FB page.

    Mango Momma

  2. Sending hugs to you. It was a tough decision, and one you made out of your love for Mack and Mia. I will share on FB.


  3. I just cannot imagine how hard it was for you to have to make that decision but that was probably a better thing for Mack and Mia. I can certainly related to not having time after the baby. My boy is now 2 1/2 years old and I still don't have much time to spend with my dog. I lost one a year ago due to cancer, so now I only have 1 dog, June. It is a little easier with just 1 dog and now that my boy is a little older, the 3 of us can actually go out and take short walks together. Luckyly when I brought the baby home, none of them acted out but I still felt very bad for not spending time with them. They were the only babies in the household for almost 6 years and they had undivided attention from me until after the baby.
    I know it is very hard and heartbreaking for you to have to give Mack and Mia up but with the right family they will do great and I will keep my fingers crossed for them to find a forever home quickly.

    June's mom

  4. We know you tried -

    And didn't enter into this lightly -

    Paws khrossed they find the next best home they can hope to have -

    I don't think any of us ever know how we would handle situations/circumstance like this until we would be in them -

    And I know we would all be shedding the same tears you have and did and will shed -

    But FUR A REASON -

    Khyra's Mom
    (and Khyra too)