Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something awful has happened...

Oh my dog! Woo all will never guess what happened to us last night. Me and Mia are packing our bags because we have been BETRAYED! It's already bad enough that we have to share our house with the E.N.E.M.Y. - woo know who I'm talking about those little pesky felines...I mean seriously we have 2 of those little boogers already. At least it's 'even steven' on the home front woo know...
Anyhoo, back to what I was saying....Mia, her big butt, and me are totally leaving because our kooky mom (who needs to have an intervention) found this wittle, ugly, smelly...
Those menacing eye balls!
The shady swagger he has...
I got my eyes on woo little RAT!
Woo are not going to steal our momma away!!
Woo better hide behind my boys stuffie! It should be MY stuffie! I'm not jelly or nuthin'!
Who are woo buckin' at?! Oooooo, now woo are getting all cocky, huh?! It's only been a few hours and woo think woo are movin' in?! There is only one BIG DOG on campus and it's ME!!!
Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia
PeeS. Mack and Mia's mom here. I found this little dude in my cul-de-sac. He was a part of a litter of 4 other kittens. The mom is an outdoor cat that belongs to one of our neighbors. He did not want to take on these other 4 little ones, so I took 1 and my other neighbor took 1, and another neighbor took the last 2. I think they are about 5 or 6 weeks old. I know it's a bit too early to be away from mom, but it was kind of a now or never kind of thing. I hate thinking of those little ones out in the cold night and we've had frequent rain here lately. We have an appointment at the vet this Friday. Until then, I have bought a bottle and kitten formula and have been feeding the little guy every 3 hours. It's like giving birth all over again. The 4-legged version this time. Needless to say, I'm tired. lol. He is doing well; eating a lot. Over the phone the vet said to only continue bottle feeding for another week and then start introducing wet food slowly...
As for Mack and Mia. I let them smell the little dude with him in the crate. Then I let them smell him while I held him. then I let them explore one another while he was on the floor. Mia gave him a big lick. She will be motherly I can tell. She is such a sweet girl. Mack sang him his best version of the Mango love song...for once he was calm and gentle...SHOCKER!
I still don't have a name for this little guy. Wanna help me decide? I would love some suggestions from all my furry furends!!

Christina (Mack and Mia's mommy)


  1. Our Mom had a cat named Tigerface that looked like this little guy when she was a little girl. Not a very original name we know, but that's our contribution.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  2. Oh, Mack, I know it's hard when a new brudder moves in but I'm glad to hear you're being so gentle with him. He's prolly real skeered and you're a big, strong labradude so do me a humongous favor and protect him, okay? And I think your momma is just the sweetest to take in that little baby kitteh. Give her big kisses from me!

    Um, and as far as names go, what about Aslan? Maybe having a big, brave name will make him brave too! Oh! Or what about Mack Jr!?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Oh Mack and Mia, we are sorry to hear of your "family addition". We actually do not know what it's like to live with one of those felines. We do not have them.
    Mom said it's very sweet of your mom to take in the little kitten. He is very cute! Mom's suggestion for name is Sky.

    Sam & June

  4. CUTE!!!!!
    you could name him... CUL as in Cul-de-sac.
    Uh... and why doesn't your neighbor get his cat fixed if he doesn't want kittens?!

  5. Oh, you should check out Remington. He had to get a kitten as well and I think it has hypnotized him!!

  6. That's exciting news! It's lucky that all your neighbors were willing to help out and take the kittens...we have several, now feral, cats roaming our neighborhoods. Is your neighbor planning on getting his cat fixed?

  7. Mackaroon, I'm not really sure if that is a kitteh. I think it might be a squirrel in disguise. Sleep with one eye open, k.
    In all seriousness, You mom is a wondeful person fur helping that "thingy" out. But, I'm withs Brooke...your neighbor should haves that momma fixed. And, my mum would definately be da type to same mum is a redneck from SC, what do you expect.

  8. Awww, he is such a cutie pie. Of course, that's Mom talking, we are not kitty fans - we like our blogger kitty furiends, but not the real ones. How about Mickey = to keep the "M" trend going?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. We like to hear about animals finding new homes--to bad it was yours, Mack. Be gentle with him (and then when he's bigger you can chase him!)

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  10. Oh Mac and Mia... your home has just GONE TO THE CATS (SHIVER). sOOOOOO sorry about that, butt just think of all the stuff you can now... blame on... the kitty!!!!

  11. Stick to the M theme...Manson? He looks like he has potential to be a hellraiser! xx Maj

  12. Mack and Mia, a kitten could be fun. You can train him to think like a dog if you start right now. Go for it. It'll be like having another dog, but in disguise.

    Let's kitty...oh, I have to suggest Marvin because it has the "M" and because it's the name of a late, but beloved cat of friends of ours. They're musicians and they even wrote a song called Marvin the Pussy, I believe and there's a Meow at the end. So, Marvin must get my vote.

  13. I am sure you are going to love that little kitty!
    He is soooo cute!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. I think Mack, Mia, and Mortimer would be good :)

    Emma Rose

  15. mack,
    i know it kinda stinks having a new little kitty dude in your house, but i know you will be a good big brother and show him all the ropes!
    i totally like the idea of stickin' with "m" names. how about mojo?
    the booker man

  16. Mom is laughing at the khomment about keeping the M theme alive with Manson!

    I am khonstantly amazed how khyttens just KNOW how to do THAT innocent KHUTE 'thing'


  17. Yegads! It's practically a wild animal living in your house! Use extreme caution when approaching the little devil!

    Are you sure it's a boy? Perhaps Beezelbub for a name... If you like the M theme, Midget, Martian, Milton...


  18. Good job Christina!
    Do you know Remington and his kitten Oz?

  19. ruh roh! Boy do I know all about those lil felines. Fergie was cute like that once she's ALL teethies and bities! Poor Mom can't even walk anywhere in the house without getting attacked!

    He kinda looks like a PeeWee to me!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  20. Oh, Mack and Mia, what an adorable new brother! He is awfully cute. I'm sure he's already loving you both so much! We like the name Miles.:)

    Teddy Bear

  21. Ruh roh. Watch out. The humans go ga ga over cute little kittehs and before you know it they are taking over the house. I think you can be pals, but just make sure the wee beast knows who is boss.


  22. Awwwww, your new kitten looks just like my Lu-Lu when she was small.

    How about Alistair?

  23. Boy oh boy, that kitty is just tiny. He looks awfully scared. It was nice of you to be so gentle. Your mom is such a sweet lady to take him in. I don't know what it's like to live with kitties but Remington sure does like it! How are your other cats taking to this new little dude??


  24. Hi Remington here! Nice to meet you! I like your little kitten. We recused one that was 3 weeks old. Takes a lot of care but so worth it! He is now 8 weeks old and off the bottle and doing great! I hope we can be great friends!